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Take a fishing charter around the Sir Edward Pellow Group of Islands off the mouth of the McArthur River.

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Old Borroloola Police Station Museum

Constructed in1886, when Borroloola was a significant riverport and drover's camp, the property was a police station for fifty years before it became a patrol officer's residence. It is the oldest surviving outpost police station in the Northern Territory.

Key available from Caravan Park Office

Waralungku Arts Centre is currently closed...

Waralungku Arts is an Aboriginal owned and controlled arts centre located opposite the caravan park.

Waralungku represents several artists from the four different language groups of the region.  Yanyuwa, Garrawa, Marra and Gurdanji. Since opening in 2003, Waralungku Arts has had a strong focus on community cultural development and it now supports about 40 artists in a range of activities including visual arts and craft, cultural tourism, dance and musical performance.

Caranbirini Conservation Reserve

Caranbirini is located 46km south of Borroloola on the western edge of the Bukulara Range, just off the Carpentaria Highway. It incorporates sandstone escarpments, semi-permanent waterholes and surrounding riverine vegetation and areas of open woodland. There are short walks that allow you to explore the area. Caranbirini is easily accessible and well worth a look.

Lorella Springs

Lorella Springs is a family owned 1 million acre waterfront wilderness sanctuary with bird filled lakes, rivers, waterfalls, thermal springs, towering glittering crystalline escarpments and unspoilt beaches. Definitely worth a visit, it is 140km Nth West from Borroloola. Turn right off the Savannah Way (Limmen NP Rd-Roper Bar Rd). This is the road heading northwards to Roper Bar and Mataranka.

Poppy's Pool

These thermal pools are situated 70km from Cape Crawford on Bauhinia Downs Station, traditional land of the Gundanji people. The hot spring water rises under pressure from a large aquifer system 5-7km's deep in the earths crust. It emerges to the surface through permeable faulted sandstone rock of the Roper Group, where it cools as it moves downstream and mixes with the water from the cool spring.